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Halal means a legal, beneficial and beneficial thing. Halal food is also like this. What is halal food is the main point of this article.


halal food
halal food

Various shopping malls are packaged in packaged meat, often written on ‘HALAL’. Apart from the big restaurants, the board will be hanging ‘HALAL MEAT HERE’. Although these two words are often combined with ‘halal’ or ‘forbidden’ meat, many of us do not know what it literally means. Let’s take a look at what is called ‘Halal Meat’ and ‘Haram Meat’, and what is the difference between them.


What is lawful and unlawful

Many of you will know that it is lawful to eat halal meat in Islam. Eating harmful meat is considered to be a sin in religion. According to Islamic law, the meaning of halal is lawful, valid, beneficial and beneficial, which Allah has provided for food. And unlike the halal, there are forbidden things that are forbidden or forbidden, which are not lawful, impure. According to Islam, we can say that meat is not ‘pure’, but we can also call it haram meat.


Halal meat processing

In the case of halal meat, there is a specific procedure for slaughtering the animal, following which we can call that animal meat to be lawful. In this method, a sharp knife should be cut deep into the neck of the animal, so that his carotid artery, trachea, and jugular veins cut off and his head turned towards the Kaaba while slaughtering. At the time of slaughter, ‘Bismillah’ must be slaughtered in the name of God and before it is slaughtered, the animal is not able to recognize it, so he is numb in different ways. As Europeans slaughter them in an electric shock, they are numb. Prior to slaughter, the animal was given a special rest in the diet. Only Muslims can do slaughter in the Halal system. After the slaughter, all blood should be taken care of in the vein.


Forbidden meat

Islam is a sin to eat animal blood. The meat of pigs, dogs, cats, monkeys, etc. is called the forbidden meat in Islam, and this animal can be eaten only if it is strictly needed during the emergency time only in famine. If the animal is not slaughtered in the process of halal meat, then that meat is called the forbidden meat. Besides, if God’s name is not taken before slaughter, it is also considered to be forbidden or forbidden meat. Besides, the dead animals, which have already been killed, strangled or killed, or slaughtered on stones, such meat is also considered to be unlawful in Islam. There are clear instructions in the Qur’an also.


(1) Halal means legal, beneficial and beneficial things: All the good and beneficial things that Allah has made for human beings have been made lawful for the people. Just like: Salat, fasting, hajj, zakat, curtains, beef meat, etc.


(2) The prohibition of unlawful means is illegal, harmful, incalculable actions and objects: Allah has forbidden all such things or things that harm or harm to mankind. For example, Pork is harmful to human beings, interest, bribe, Benami, untimely and all sin. bloemen

Halal Examples:

(1) Muslims have given the mandate to eat the cow’s cow. But if it is not said to Allah and not to be seized by the Prophet Muhammad, then it will become unlawful for the Muslim. Because it is the injunction of Allah Pak, but it will become forbidden because of the non-Sunnah tarrica of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). If it is done in the name of Allah Pak, then it will be lawful. Likewise, when all the Shari’ah functions are celebrated in accordance with the injunction of Allah and the Book of Rasool, it will not be considered to be lawful or legal.


Haram Example:

(1) Allah has forbidden the eating of the pigs. But if someone suits the pigs in the Sunnah rule, it will not be lawful but will be unlawful. There is no order of Allah Pak. Although Muhammad’s fasting track, it will not be lawful or halal. Likewise, Allah has forbidden the things which are forbidden, such as pigs, interest, greed, mercilessness, and illegal trade. Everything is forbidden.


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