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how to weather today or what weather forecasting is a common question on our minds. weather makes our life beautiful or painful too.

Weather is the short-lived atmospheric condition of a place. The weather is usually called a day like this. Sometimes short-term atmospheric conditions in a particular area are also called weather conditions. The climate of a place is based on the long-term climate of a place. The weather is a variable in regularity. The branch of science that discusses weather and climate is called weather science.


how is weather

how to weather today

Meteorological elements refer to the elemental elements, whose change in the atmospheric conditions of a place is indicated by the change. The elements of the weather are:

  • Airflow,
  • Heat
  • Pressure,
  • Precipitation, and
  • Moisture

weather good or bad depends on some points like how to weather today

Latitude: The latitude varies according to latitude, falling vertically, or falling diagonally. Therefore, the difference between warmth and humidity varies. Due to the sunshine falling steeply in places along the shoreline, warming is more common in these areas. Temperatures are gradually decreasing from the equator to the north and south latitudes. Because warming decreases to 5 ° at 5 °, there is snow in the far north and south poles of the coastline.

Height: Temperature decreases as height increases. The temperature decreases to 3 ° C every 5 meters. Even at high altitudes, the temperature of the two regions located at the same latitude varies.

Distance from the Sea: Depending on how far a place is from the sea, the humidity level of the air depends on the temperature and in the context of humidity, climate warming is largely dependent. The air in the proximity of the sea provides moisture during summer and mild warmth in winter. This type of climate is called an equilibrium climate.

how the weather is
how the weather is

what is weather forecasting


Wind Direction: In the area where the aquatic vapor stream flows from the sea, the rainfall is higher in the area. But the dry air flowing from the ground again warms up.

Rainfall: In some places, the rainfall is less than the heat there and in the non-rainy areas the temperature is higher. So the climate in the desert is warmer. In addition, moisture levels are also dependent on rainfall levels, which control the climate.

Ocean Current: Climate changes in coastal areas are also observed due to cool or warm ocean currents. Examples of this can be mentioned in the Pacific Ocean’s hot water stream, El Ni ।o, whose influence has been prolonged in coastal countries.

Mountain Location: Weather and climatic differences are observed when the high mountains interrupt the flow. For example, in the Himalayas, the monsoon climate causes heavy rainfall in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.


how to weather today
how to weather today

how is weather


Lawn / Forests: Water evaporates through rain and evaporation through the plant’s propagation and evaporation. Due to the intensity of the forest, sunlight does not fall to the ground in some places, so the area is cold. In addition, forests change the atmosphere by disrupting the movement of storms, cyclones, tornadoes, etc.

Land Slope: When the radiation falls along the slopes of the high ground, the temperature rises when the land is heated and the temperature does not rise on the opposite side of the slope. Moreover, the fall of sunlight perpendicularly along the slope produces relatively warmer weather compared to the fall of sunlight diagonally.

Soil Specialty: Soil specialty is that the faster it heals, the faster it cools. In comparison, the molded polymer does not heat up too fast, it can also be late to cool when heated. So climate and climate differences may vary depending on the soil characteristics of a place.

how is the weather is


Rainfall: Rain is the major source of fresh water in most parts of the world. Precipitation is needed to preserve diversified biomass, keep hydropower projects in order, and keep agricultural irrigation in order. Although not all types of rain reach the surface. Some rain dots dry up as they pass through dry air. This feature, known as Varga, is found in arid desert areas. Rainfall is calculated in milliliters when it comes to rainfall measurements.


what is weather forecasting
what is weather forecasting

how to weather today


Then, light, heavy, very heavy, and extreme rainfall is calculated according to the scale. In this case, rainfall from 0.55 millimeters to 4 millimeters in the hour is mild, heavy rainfall from 1 millimeter to 3 millimeters, and heavy rainfall from 5 millimeters to 3 millimeters is termed heavy, and additional rainfall of 1 millimeter is termed extreme rainfall.

what is a weather forecast?


Ventilation or atmospheric circulation refers to the change of air space across a large area. Heat is distributed through the atmosphere. Considering the atmosphere of the earth, the heat of the sun differs in different places on the earth, so that when a place is directly heated, the air flows to a relatively cool place. The religion of the wind is that the air flows from the warmer to the cooler, and this is why the air flows to the earth. When this airflow is at a finite level, the Dakshina feels like a breeze, and when it is overburdened, it creates a cyclone on the ground and a tidal wave. Large planets of the solar system Jupiter can observe the great circulation of various gases and air. The wind is working behind even the largest solar storm. The eighth planet in Neptune, a planet similar to the Earth’s size, is running in Neptune. The cause of the flow on the planet, which is about 1,7,6,3,220 km away from the sun, is not known.


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