ICE FISHING – Here is a fast way to Solve a Problem with ICE FISHING

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)

Here is a fast way to Solve a Problem with ICE FISHING


Because of global warming, the melting pot of ice in the polar region is known to everyone. Environmentalists fear that the fish will start fishing in the cold water within a few days. Fisheries are prohibited for commercial purposes in 9 pole provinces, due to the danger of environmental degradation.


ice fishing
ice fishing

In this context, David Balton, the US Marine, and Fisheries Council director said that the first government had taken any step before it happened, due to the loss of all.


By 2015, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the United States were in agreement to prohibit fishing in commercial mode. South Korea, China, Japan, Iceland, and the European Union are bound in the same agreement after more than two years of meetings. This prohibition was issued across 28 million square kilometers. Restrictions can be extended again for the next five years if it expires for 16 years.

Environmentalists have breathed a sigh of relief in this news. Many of them feared that at the rate of the snow in the polar region began to melt, the fish would soon start fishing in ice in the region. But no, scientists are now getting 16 years in hand to monitor the marine ecosystem of the pole country.

Hilsa Fish

Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. What is the most delicious fish in the world? The answer is a simple answer to that question. And the hilsa of Padma is the King of the Hilsa-Queen. There is no comparison that Hilsa’s It is now recognized internationally as the geographical indicator or GI product of BangladeshThis recognition has already matched the case of Jamdani. 65 percent of the world’s total Hilsa is produced in Bangladesh. 15% of neighboring India and 10% in Myanmar.

Hilsa Fish

In the country’s diplomacy, the hilsa is sitting in a loud shout. The delicious Hilsha of the Padma took place on the gifts sent by the leaders of Bangladesh to the Indian leaders. Geographical indicator or GI product, we believe that the national fish will further increase the nation’s liability towards the fish hilsa. Still, the Hilsa is still expensive. This is the favorite fish of everybody going out of ordinary people’s purchasing power. Increasing the production of hilsa is the only way to solve this problem. The whole nation, including the government, must be aware of the emergence of the national fish.

Hilsa Fish

Hilsa’s scientific name is Hilsa. There are five types of fish in this genre. In the meantime, the Hilsa or Jr is available from the Persian Gulf to Myanmar. However, it is found mainly on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the coast of Sri Lanka, the Tonkin Bay and even the Vietnam coast. Jarasaras or Chandana Hilsa and Jivababandar’s Indian Ocean are available from the Java Sea, to the South China Sea. In Malaysia, this fish is called Teruobak. J. The Netherlands is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Java Sea, Sarawak, southern Thailand.

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