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River dam is very popular for its big size. Every year people invest lots of money on this river dam. Is that really beneficial for us?

In Europe, 60 percent of the world’s surface water is presently in weak condition. A study of the European Environment Agency’s water quality has revealed that this information.


For the disaster of the water reservoir, a private organization called ‘Dame Removal Europe’ has blamed the 30,000 barrels of this region directly. The organization thinks that the dam is not only harming the environment, maintenance of it is also expensive. As a result, they are spreading the campaign against them.

river dam
river dam


According to international organizations, only one percent of Europe’s rivers are flowing freely. Damage due to the dam is due to fish. Some fish species can not reach the target destination for breeding, they are lost. Salmon and sturgeon fish have already been extinct from some European countries.


Experts believe that due to the dam the quality of the soil is changing. The sediments and other nutrients are trapped in different structures and can not be spread in the water. If the stools are stuck in one place, accelerates the extra flow of water.

River dam

The ‘Dame Removal of Europe’ argument is that if the dams are lifted, nature will again have a chance to recover itself by itself. However, the easier it is to say, the more difficult it is to remove expensive structures such as embankments. There is no scope to look at such thirty thousand structures in the same way. Rather, each barrel will have to think differently.


Andreas Rote of the Hydro-Energy-Roth organization said on this issue: “We need to think about each dam and jungle separately. In that case, they have to decide whether to change or remove them after considering their position, ownership, and ownership of the local community. ”


It is worth mentioning that there are three hundred dams in Germany, which have a height of more than 15 meters. However, there are many smaller structures that do not have the exact estimation of the center. Not just Germany, many countries in Europe have fewer big and big dams, they have an accurate estimation of those countries. However, the age of some embankments has passed hundreds of years. According to experts, there is a danger of major accidents when some of them suddenly break.


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