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Subsistence farming meaning the last stage of farming. In this blog, you can find subsistence farming definition,
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subsistence farming
subsistence farming

The Tangail river canal bills are constantly being filled and lost in occupation and pollution. The once treacherous river has now become almost a narrow canal. The aquatic animals are often floating in the river due to contaminated water in the mill factories. River canals are being transformed into houses, houses, establishments, and cultivated lands in competition for the unconsciousness of the locals and the capture of influencers.

Of the four major rivers flowing through the Tangail district, only Jamuna still holds its roots. Dhaleshwari, Banshai, Lauhjang, Khiru, Jugni, Fatikjani, Elengjani, Lungulia, and Chennai, and branching rivers are becoming a canal. However, these rivers were once life-long companions.

The Bansi or Bansai river is the branch of the old Brahmaputra. It has a total length of 25 km. The river originates from the old Brahmaputra river flowing in the Sharifpur Union part of Jamalpur district and crosses the Tangail and Gazipur districts to the south and passes along the National Memorial of Savar. The river flowed a little along the Karnatali river in Savar and came to Aminbazar and joined the Turag river. The Turag River flows further and joins the Buriganga. The total length of the river is 20 km. The four districts are Jamalpur, Tangail, Gazipur, and Dhaka, and four Upazilas, respectively, Jamalpur Sadar, Madhupur, Ghatail, and Kalihati, Basile, Mirzapur, Sakhipur, Kaliyakir, Dhamrai, Savar and 12 upstream.

Subsistence Farming

The Jena River is a river in the Sherpur, Jamalpur, and Tangail districts of the north-central region of Bangladesh. The length of the river is 5 km, the average width is 5 meters and the nature of the river is spiraling. The contact number given by Bangladesh Water Development Board (PUBO) is River No. 23 in North-Central Region. The Jena river is divided into two parts from Bauchi in Jamalpur, a branch on the right, and 3 km from Bhuapur Upazila on the east side of the Jamuna. To the southwest, the Joker Char of Kalihati Upazila meets near the Dhaleswari festival. The other branch fell south-eastward and fell into the river Bansai, flowering in Basil Upazila. The other part is turned southward through Phulki-Aisara, Diwali, Dapnazore, Nathkhola, and Basil of the Basil.

Nagarapur Upazila is a specialty surrounded by Jamuna-Dhaleshwari. It is reported that during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah, Mamudanagar of Nagarpur was his capital. There he had a huge boat. Emperor Mahmud Shah built the naval base to protect the area from foreign invasion. At one time, the eastern part of Chowhali of the present Sirajganj- Nagarpur and Daulatpur area was the whole area including the river. In the evolution of time, the area becomes a charred area. Two rivers of the Noah river in Nagpur have already been occupied.

Subsistence Agriculture

In the Hatubhanga area of ​​Mirzapur, 3-5 bricks were set up by the river. The Bansai, which passes over Basil, is built on two sides of the river. Numerous houses have been built across the vast area of ​​the river Lungulia. In many places, fish farming is underway. Kalihati’s clan, Sapa, Jena, Fatikjani, Laguna, and Nanglai rivers were occupied by houses and houses, mill factories, etc.

Gopalpur Upazila headquarters, the river Beran is no longer known. During the dry season, the borough is cultivated on the river bed. Landowners have established settlements and business establishments by occupying both banks of the river in the Gopalpur municipality.

The Chennai and Bansai rivers flow over the Bhuapur and Basil Upazilas. Lingula river Basil of Basil, Tokondi of Madhupur, Beran river of Gopalpur, New Dhaleshwari of Kalihati, Elengjani, Fatikjani, and Mirzapur were once desert. The Pramata used to run mahajani boats along these rivers. Many fishermen, including fishermen on the riverbank, made a livelihood. Most of these rivers are flooded. There is no reform initiative. Land grabbers occupied most of the river. Paddy is being cultivated regularly by occupying rivers, making brick buildings, brick kilns, businesses, and houses, and even cultivating the land.

Subsistence Farming Definition

The canals in the district have been the most occupied. The canal flowing through the west side of the Gala Market in Sadar Upazila has been very narrow.

Executive Engineer of the Tangail Water Development Board, Shajahan Siraj, said there are many rivers, canals, and bills at various places in the Tangail district. Rivers, canals, and bills play an important role in balancing the habitable environment. The Dhaleshwari, New Dhaleshwari, Lohjang, Elegant, and Jhenai rivers accumulate every year. The flow of the rivers changed as a result of cutting that bridge and unplanned soil-sanding. The Prime Minister’s office has taken the ‘Buriganga River Excavation Project’ to ensure the free flow of water from New Dhaleshwari to Buriganga, he said. Work order has been given to the contractor after completing the tender process for digging the river, work will start soon.

There was once a flowing river. Sailing boat But now the river is wiped out. Paddy is now cultivated in the river where the cargo trawler operates. The rivers of Ishwarganj, Gauripur, and Nandail in Mymensingh are slowly losing their existence. At the same time, the rivers that still have their marks are also in possession of pollution. In that case, the common people demand that the rivers be completely restored to protect the environment.

River in stake

There is an old Brahmaputra river in Ishwarganj. There is a raw river at the head of the Upazila Sadar. Although there are two rivers namely the Magha River and Swine River, they no longer exist. Although the old Brahmaputra of Nandail, the Narsunda river, and the Kachmatiya river existed, it was necessary to find the existence of the Magha river and the Baitail river. Although the old Brahmaputra and Suria rivers existed in Gauripur, the Swine River and Magra rivers did not exist.

The search revealed that the old Brahmaputra river flowed into the Kolghensh of three Upazilas. It changes the course of the road due to a lack of dredging. Waking up on the shelf, the flow of water has decreased.

Meanwhile, the raw material flowing through the Ishwarganj Upazila headquarters is slowly being occupied. Influencers occupy both sides of the river and are building a permanent structure. Paddy is now cultivated in the river that was once used to carry sail and cargo boats. The Magha and Swine rivers no longer exist. Narsunda river flows through Nandail Upazila Sadar. The river is slowly turning into a narrow canal. The river is being occupied on both sides. The Khatamatiya River is also in crisis.


Subsistence Farming

Although the Suriya river has a partial existence at Gauripur, it is gradually becoming a canal. In addition, as the rivers are filled, the water flow is reduced. In the dry season, the rivers are dry, but during the monsoon season, the water cools. In the rain, the river flooded with people’s houses.

Ishwarganj Upazila Executive Officer Ellis Sharmin said the river commission is currently working to protect the river. They occasionally receive correspondence from the Commission on river-rivers. However, no one on the Commission has seen this. A letter will be sent to the higher authorities to take necessary measures regarding the rivers that have gone extinct and which are in crisis.

Nandail Upazila Executive Officer. Hafizur Rahman said that they were working to keep the rivers occupied and free from pollution. But in this case, people need to be aware.

Gauripur Upazila Executive Officer Morzina Akhter said the river is very important in protecting the environment. The government has various plans to bring rivers to life. But the public representatives need to be more sincere. With the cooperation of all, the rivers can be restored.


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