Selma Blair (born 23 June 1972) is an American Film and Television actress. She gained fame for her leading role in the film Brown’s Requiem (1998).

She is a renowned US actress who came to prominence after her work in the superheroic film “Hellboy” and later in his sequela, “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” In the three main media–theater, cinema, and television she has shown her acting skills.



Born in Southfield, Michigan, on 23 June 1972, Selma Blair was born. She has been raised, together with three older sisters Katherine, Elizabeth, and Marie Beitner, as the younger kid of Elliot Beitner and Molly Ann Beitner.

Her mother was a judge, her father a lawyer, and an involved American citizen. Democratic Party.-Democratic Party. When she was 23 years old, her parents were divorced.


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