Georgina Rodriguez (born 27 January 1995) is a  Spanish model, dancer, and internet Sensation. She is famous as the  girlfriend of Prestigious professional footballer Christiano Ronaldo.


She is also well-known for her presence in the world’s most  prestigious fashion magazine, “Women’s Health.” She was born in the  Spanish city of Jaca. Jorge Rodriguez and Ana Maria Hernandez are her  parents.

Georgina Rodriguez was first seen with Cristiano Ronaldo in late 2016  when the star footballer was still playing for the prestigious Spanish  football club Real Madrid.


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Georgina Rodrguez was unintentionally dragged into a scandal after  her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, was accused of sexual assault by  American model Kathryn Mayorga.



It’s thought that the two first met in a Dolce & Gabbana VIP  location. Following that, the two were seen out on several romantic  dates together, stirring speculation about their relationship status.


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